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Evening Menu 


Marinated Olives gf vg £3.50

Bread & dips v £5.50

Funghi Primo Piano- Breaded mushrooms filled with pâté served with garlic dip£6.80 

Vegetarian Funghi- Breaded mushrooms filled with dolcelatte cheese served with garlic dip (v)   £6.80

Paté- Homemade liver & orange paté with house chutney & toast (gf*) £6.50

Antipasto Misto- Selection of Cold meats, paté, mozzarella, olives, & balsamic onions, hummus, sunblushed tomatoes(gf*)£8.20

Pork Belly- Slow roasted pork belly is with black pudding & pancetta (gf*)£8.50​

Feta salad- Feta cheese, olive & sun dried tomato salad (v)(gf*)   £6.50

Prawn & Salmon Salad- Crisp salad with smoked salmon prawns & Marie Rose sauce (gf*)  £8.90

Crispy mozzarella- Crispy breaded mozzarella with house chutney (v) £6.90 

Tiger prawns- Flash fried tiger prawns on croute  with tomato, onion & garlic (gf*)£9.50

Caprese Salad slices of mozzarella & tomato with balsamic & olive oil dressing (v)(gf*) (add prosciutto £2)   £6.50


Margarita- Traditional tomato & mozzarella (v)                                                                                                              £9.50

Pizza Padova- Pepperoni, Italian blue cheese & rocket                                                                                                 £10.90

Pizza Pesto- Pesto, red onion, sun blushed tomato & olives                                                                                           £10.90

Pizza di Parma- Parma ham, salami, pepperoni & Nduja                                                                                             £11.50

Pepperoncino- Jalapeño, roquito, pepperoni, pancetta, spicy sausage & Parma ham                                                   £11.50

Pizza Primo Piano- Goats cheese, red onion, house chutney & rocket (v)                                                                  £10.90 

​​Pizza Marinara- Tuna, anchovies & prawn                                                                                                                  £10.90

Pizza Vegetariana- Cherry tomatoes, onion, mushroom, olive, spinach & balsamic glaze(v)                                    £10.90

Quatro Stagioni- Olives, pepperoni, ham & mushrooms.                                                                                             £10.90

Frutti di mare- tiger prawn, anchovies, red onion, Nduja & rocket.                                                                             £13.90

Pizza carbonara- ham, garlic, Parmesan & prosciutto finished with an egg.                                                               £10.90

Calzone- 10” folded pizza

Beef- Bolognaise, ham, mushroom & mozzarella.                                                                                                            £11.50

Chicken- Chicken, spinach, mushroom & mozzarella (add Italian blue cheese £1)                                                        £11.50

Vegetariana- Courgette, pepper, onion, olive, mushroom, spinach & mozzarella (v)                                                   £10.90

Meatball- Spicy pork meatballs, pepperoni, Nduja & mozzarella                                                                                  £11.90

Pasta  (can be adapted to gluten/dairy free on request)

Peppercorn Fettucine- Chicken & mushroom in a Stilton & peppercorn sauce.                                                        £11.50

Penne Marinara- Smoked salmon & prawns in a cream sauce                                                                                    £12.90

Lasagne al Forno- Layers of homemade beef ragu, béchamel& pasta baked in the oven                                           £11.50

Vegetarian Lasagne- layers of porcini mushroom, onion, garlic, peppers & spinach baked in the oven.                  £11.50 Tortellini- Spinach & ricotta parcels in a tomato & basil sauce (v)                                                                                £11.50

Tagletelle Primo Piano- Ham & mushrooms in a creamy tomato sauce                                                                    £11.50

Pollo pesto- chicken, in a creamy pesto sauce with penne pasta                                                              £11.50

Spaghetti Carbonara- Creamy Parmesan sauce with ham                                                                                          £11.20

Spaghetti Meatballs- spicy meatballs. Nduja & chorizo in tomato sauce                                                                   £11.90

Spicy tiger prawn pappardelle- tiger prawns with garlic, spicy Nduja & cream sauce                          £16.50

Penne Arrabiatta- Tomato sauce with onion, mushroom garlic & chilli (v)                                                               £11.20

Pappardelle Bolognaise- Our homemade beef ragu tossed with pappardelle pasta                                                    £11.50

Tagletelle Vegetariana- Courgette, mushroom, onion, peppers, olives in a tomato sauce (v)                                   £11.20



Mains (can be adapted to be gluten/dairy free on request)

(All mains served as a complete plate with roasted new potatoes and today’s vegetables)

Pollo al Proscutto- Chicken breast with Parma ham & dolcelatte cream sauce £15.50

Pollo al Pepe- Chicken breast cooked in a mushroom & black peppercorn sauce £15.50

Pollo Diane- Chicken breast cooked with mushroom, onion, french mustard, brandy & cream £15.50

Pollo Siciliano- Chicken breast cooked with mushroom, olive, onion, tomato & Nduja £15.50

Filleto al Pepe 8oz- Fillet steak with mushrooms, brandy cream & peppercorn sauce £28.90

Filleto Primo Piano 8oz- Fillet steak with Parma ham & Italian blue cheese sauce £28.90

Tornados Rossini 8oz- Classic Italian dish, fillet steak topped with bacon & pâté roulade, served on a croute with Madeira sauce £29.50

Filleto Diane 8oz- Fillet steak with onion, mushroom, french mustard, brandy & cream sauce £28.90

Pork Belly – slow roast pork belly, black pudding, Parmesan mash & peppercorn sauce £19.90

From the Grill

(Steaks “from the grill” cooked to your liking and served with mushroom, tomato & chips. Add Peppercorn,Blue cheese, Diane sauce £2.50)

10oz Ribeye Steak- Tasty cut with more marbling & fat, best cooked to medium £27

8oz Fillet Steak- Lean & most tender cut £29

Seafood (can be adapted to be gluten/dairy free on request)

Fillet of Salmon Pescatore- Salmon fillet with tiger prawns, in a Cajun spiced butter sauce £21.90

Cioppino- traditional seafood stew with prawns, mussels, salmon, squid & fish of the day in a tomato sauce finished with Nduja served with toasted bread £22.90

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